13 - 15 Sep Perugia, Italy
1981-2021 forty years of Stochastic Resonance
Let's celebrate together with an international conference devoted to noise and its many aspects.


In 2021 it is forty years after the appearance of the first paper on Stochastic Resonance.
Since then, thousands of papers (WOS: 6,968 records, Google Scholar: approx. 40,500 results) have been published on this topic and Stochastic Resonance is nowadays a popular science paradigm and a widespread research subject.

We would like to take the opportunity offered by this anniversary, not only for celebrating this important discovery, with the scientists that mostly contributed over the years to such a great result, starting from Prof. Giorgio Parisi (Chair of the conference), his co-workers, and the many scientists that pioneered this subject, but also to celebrate the science of noise that the Stochastic Resonance phenomenon largely contributed to disseminate.

SR40 is an international conference that has the ambition to be devoted to all phenomena associate with noise, in general and to Stochastic Resonance, in particular. In fact, SR40 aims to bring together leading academic scientists, researchers and research scholars to exchange and share their experiences and research results on all aspects of Noise and Fluctuations, providing a premier interdisciplinary platform for researchers, practitioners and educators to present and discuss the most recent innovations, trends, and concerns as well as practical applications.

Topics to be discussed at SR40 includes:

SR-related (non-exclusive list):

  • SR modelling in classical and quantum realm
  • SR applied to devices
  • SR in biological and neural systems
  • SR in economics and econophysics
  • SR in signal analysis
  • SR in natural phenomena

The science of noise (non-exclusive list):

  • Noise in nonlinear dynamical systems
  • Noise in Energy Harvesting
  • Noise in Epidemics modelling
  • Noise in Artificial Intelligence
  • Noise in structural monitoring
  • Noise in biological systems
  • Noise in neural systems

Submissions on related topics is also welcome.

Event Starts In:

Invited Speakers

Prof. Mark Dykmann
Michigan State University
Time crystals mediated by classical and quantum noise
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Dr. Paolo Malgaretti
Helmholtz Institute Erlangen-Nürnberg for Renewable Energy
Antiresonant driven systems for particle manipulation
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Prof. Peter McClintock
Lancaster University
Fluctuational Permeation of Ion Channnels
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Prof. Miguel Rubi
Universitat de Barcelona
Entropic stochastic resonance in deformable micro-channels
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Prof. Carlo Presilla
Università di Roma, La Sapienza
Real and virtual noise in quantum systems: from thermal relaxation to quantum phase transitions
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Prof. Sergio Ciliberto
Laboratoire de Physique de ENSL
Several Applications of Fluctuations and Noise
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Prof. Peter Hänggi
University of Augsburg
(Quantum) Thermodynamics at strong coupling: Go‘s and NO‐Go‘s
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Prof. Igor Khovanov
University of Warwick
Significant Resonant Reduction of Activation Barrier by Weak Periodic Driving
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Dr. Igor Neri
University of Perugia
Role of fluctuations in epidemic resurgence after a lockdown
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Prof. Kunihiko Kaneko
University of Tokyo
Relevance of Noise to Adaption and Evolution
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Prof. Emmanuel Trizac
LPTMS, Université Paris-Saclay/CNRS
Optimizing Brownian escape by shaping barriers
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Prof. Erik Aurell
KTH Royal Institute of Technology
SARS-CoV-2 genetics as seen from GISAID
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Prof. Angelo Vulpiani
Università di Roma, La Sapienza
Understanding causation via linear response theory
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Prof. Fabio Cecconi
CNR-Istituto Sistemi Complessi
Frequency-control of protein translocation across an oscillating nanopore
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Prof. Vincent Uchechukwu
Department of Physical Sciences, Redeemer’s University, Ede, Nigeria
Recent developments on the dynamics of driven nonlinear systems: Stochastic and Vibrational Resonance
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Prof. Roberto Benzi
University of Rome Tor Vergata
A short historical perspective on Stochastic Resonance
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Prof. Catherine Nicolis
Institut Royal Météorologique de Belgique
Stochastic resonance in the presence of an intermediate state and two periodic forcings
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Dr. Matteo Di Volo
University of Cergy Pontoise
A reduction methodology for fluctuation driven population dynamics
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Prof. Christopher Jarzynski
University of Maryland, College Park
Quantifying, measuring and learning time's arrow
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Dr. Adi Bulsara
Naval Information Warfare Center
A Room Temperature Neuromorphic Magnetometer for Measuring Brain Iron Content as a Marker of Neurodegenerative Disease
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Prof. Dante Chialvo
Universidad Nacional de San Martin, Argentina
Resonances and critical phenomena in the brain
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Dr. Ralf Eichhorn
How irreversible are steady-state trajectories of an active particle?
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Local organizing committee

  • L. Gammaitoni (director)
  • I. Neri
  • A. Stollo
  • A. Di Michele
  • F. Cottone
  • C. Diamantini
  • M. Mattarelli
  • L. Catacuzzeno
  • F. Franciolini
  • V. Ramci

International Scientific Committee

  • D. Abbott
  • E. Aurell
  • S. Baglio
  • A. Bulsara
  • M. Cencini
  • F. Chapeau-Blondeau
  • D. Chialvo
  • J. Crutchfield
  • M. Dykman
  • C. Doering
  • P. Hanggi
  • C. Jarzynski
  • P. Jung
  • K. Kaneko
  • K. Lindenberg
  • F. Marchesoni
  • P.V.E. McClintock
  • C. Nicolis
  • J. Parrondo
  • C. Presilla
  • A. Puglisi
  • R. Roy
  • J.M. Rubi
  • N. Stocks
  • T. Sagawa
  • K. Wiesenfeld



18:30 - 20:00

Welcome cocktail

Hotel Gio Jazz

8:00 - 9:00


Hotel Gio Jazz

9:00 - 13:00

Morning session

Hotel Gio Jazz

14:30 - 18:00

Afternoon session

Hotel Gio Jazz

9:00 - 13:00

Morning session

Hotel Gio Jazz

14:30 - 16:00

Afternoon session

Hotel Gio Jazz


Excursion and Social Dinner

9:00 - 13:00

Morning session

Hotel Gio Jazz

14:30 - 18:00

Afternoon session

Hotel Gio Jazz


Public event/Farewell Cocktail

Perugia city center

Detailed agenda will be available upon abstract acceptance

Social Program

On Sept. 12th, we plan to have a welcome cocktail at 18:30, at the conference site.

On Sept. 13th, at the end of the scientific session, at 18:00, there will be plenty of time for enjoying downtown Perugia (at walking distance) with his beautiful locations (the Rocca Paolina, the Corso Vannucci) and museums. Dinner is free and there are a many nice restaurants available at the city center (reservation is recommended).

On Sept. 14th, at 17:00 a touristic excursion is planned, with the social dinner at the beautiful medieval castle Castello di Ramazzano. Transportation to and from the castle, for participants and accompanying persons, is arranged by bus.

On Sept. 15th at 18:30 Giorgio Parisi will give a public lecture on the beginning of the SR adventure. With the participation of Angelo Vulpiani and Roberto Benzi.

Abstract submission

Please mind that all invited and contributed abstracts must be submitted online, by July 31th, via this website only.

Contributed abstracts will have the opportunity to choose between oral or poster presentation.

A selection of the contribute abstracts will be admitted to the SR40 Conference. The outcome of the selection procedure will be communicated within one week from submission.

All the approved presenters must register to the conference, through the conference web site.

Authors will have the possibility to replace the abstract with a short paper (2-3 pages) by October 15th, 2021. The proceedings of the SR40 - forty years of Stochastic Resonance will be peer-reviewed and published on a dedicated community on the online platform Zenodo, which provide citeable DOI references.


Early Registration

Registration before 15th Aug 2021 includes:
  • Speaker Opportunity
  • Certificate of Attendance
  • Welcome cocktail
  • 3 Lunch & 6 Coffee breaks
  • Transfer to the excursion' site
  • Excursion (guided tour)
  • Social dinner

Regular Registration

Registration from 15th Aug 2021 includes:
  • Speaker Opportunity
  • Certificate of Attendance
  • Speaker Opportunity
  • Welcome cocktail
  • 3 Lunch & 6 Coffee breaks
  • Transfer to the excursion' site
  • Excursion (guided tour)
  • Social dinner

Accompaining person

Accompaining persons have right to:
  • Welcome cocktail
  • Transfer to the excursion' site
  • Excursion (guided tour)
  • Social dinner


Mighty Etruscan centre and important mediaeval city after that, Perugia guards lovingly precious traces of its luminous historical periods. The city is today the administrative and cultural capital of the Umbria Region, a major tourist and cultural destination, site of the University for over 700 years. The historical Academy of Fine Arts, the Music Conservatorium, and its University for Foreigners, with students coming from all over the world, define furthermore the marked international vocation.

The main attraction that you can find at walking distance from the Conference site are the historical-architectural complex of Rocca Paolina, the breathtaking panoramic terrace of Giardini Carducci, together with the medieval Acropolis, a beautiful promenade that bring you to the Fontana Maggiore, the actual "center" of the city.

How To Get Here

Please notice that the rules for travellers may vary according to Covid-19 pandemic evolution. We recommend to check the following Covid-19 information for travellers sites, for updates:

Perugia is located in central Italy with an international airport (San Francesco) located at 15 min drive.

Alernative central Italy’s major airports are in Rome, Pisa, and Florence. These can be easily reached by train, bus or car.

The major international gateway is Rome’s Aeroporto Leonardo da Vinci, known as Fiumicino (FCO) (30 km/19 mi southwest of Rome).

Pisa’s Aeroporto Galileo Galilei (PSA) (12 km/7 mi south of Pisa and 80 km (50 mi) west of Florence) has flights from London, Amsterdam, Brussels, and Paris) Florence’s Aeroporto A. Vespucci, known as Peretola (FLR) (10 km/6 mi northwest of Florence), has connections to Brussels, Paris, London, Rome, and Milan.

By Plane

The closest airport to Perugia is the San Francesco airport located at 15 min drive. Alternatives are Rome, Pisa, and Florence.

By Train

Arrival at Perugia Fontivegge Railways Station.

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By Car

From the north the best exit to Perugia on the A1 motorway is Valdichiana, where the superstrada SS75bis branches into Umbria at Lake Trasimeno and goes on towards Perugia. From Rome travelling northwards along the A1 motorway the best exit is Orte, which connect to the E45 (or SS3bis) from Terni to Perugia.

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By Bus

You can reach Perugia by bus from Fiumicino, Rome, Milan, Florence. For more information visit the main bus service of the area

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Facilities & Accommodations

The Conference will be held at the Hotel Gio, in Perugia (Italy), via Ruggero D'Andreotto 19 - 06124 Perugia
The hotel offers free internet wifi, a swimming pool, a gym and more other services.

For the accommodation, the Conference attendees can contact the Hotel Gio communicating the promo code "Conference SR40", rooms are available at the following rates:

the price includes overnight stay and breakfast, tourist taxes (additional 2 € per day) are NOT included.

Other accommodations are available at short distances and in the center area.

The Hotel Gio is located near the railway station of Fontivegge (about 1 km) and not far from the historical center of Perugia.

Hotel information and booking

Excursion and Social Dinner

On the second day of the conference an excursion and social dinner to the Ramazzano Castle is planned. The Ramazzano Castle, to which the town owes its name, was built in the XII century by the Ramazzani family, to which it will belong from 1097 until the end of the sixteenth century. The castle was restored over time, and it preserves the Guelph merlon, the tower, the internal courtyard with a well connected to the basements.

Its ancient bulk overlooks a fertile agricultural area with lush vineyards. Wine and the production of healthy and traditional food has long been the centerpiece of these places.

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